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National Travels

Washington D.C., D.C.

By: Greg

We were very excited to have the opportunity to visit Washington, D.C.,our nation's capital.  We visited the Washington Monument which was very impressive.  The National Mall was our next stop.  It is a large, open park area in the center of the city and often hosts political protests and demonstrations.  Luckily none were taking place on the day of our visit.  One of our favorite sites to see was the Lincoln Memorial, which is where Dr....
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International Travels

London, England

By: super

Our adventure to London pr0ved to be a jolly good time!  We had the opportunity to ride the famous double decker red bus as we toured around some famous sites with our hosts.  We watched some beautiful boats sail down the Thames River.  Sitting atop a fence we had a royal view of Buckingham Palace.  It was too bad that our visit didn't take place at the same time as the Royal Wedding, but our hosts treated us like royalty and our...
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