About Our Host

IMG_7631Mr. Bliss – Our host on our Doha, Qatar adventure was Mr. Bliss. He is our friend Hanna’s dad. He travels all over the world and was headed to Qatar on a quick business trip. Hanna and her dad thought it might be fun if we went with him on this adventure and it was. They are a great family and Mr. Bliss is really fun to travel with.


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We were very excited to have the opportunity to travel with our hosts to Qatar.  Over the years we have heard so many things about this particular area.  It was nice to travel there and learn firsthand, that the people that live there are just like us in so many ways.  Doha, Qatar is really just one big desert.  We did have the chance to visit a beautiful sandy beach, which we loved.  There were big cities and little villages that we visited.  Guess what, there was even a McDonald’s there which made us feel right at home.  We met some very interesting people and enjoyed our visit very much. N & S

  • Doha is the capital city of Qatar
  • June is the hottest month at 104 degrees
  • Jet-skiing and kite surfing are fun things to do here
  • Doha means “the big tree”
  • Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup