About N&S

Ava & JakobIt all started with an idea…

One night, our five year old twins (now seven) asked about an older cousin who was planning a long distance trip. They began asking all kinds of questions about what it was like, what was there, even if they could go. They thought for a moment and then asked if they could send Noodles and Sam instead.(Noodles, a cuddly pink stuffed pig, is my daughter’s best friend and Sam is a stuffed dog that is my son’s constant companion.) The children thought that Noodles and Sam could go on the trip, take some pictures and discover everything they could while they were there.  Then, when Noodles and Sam returned, they would be able to share everything they’d learned with the children.

That’s when something amazing happened: the twins started writing up a list of all the places Noodles and Sam could go, places and things the twins wanted to learn about. That led our children to ask about creating a website where they could track Noodles and Sam and share everything the stuffed animals learned; the sights, the sounds, the history, everything.They wanted Noodles and Sam to be for everyone. The kids are learning new things and making new friends one fascinating place at a time. It’s been incredible to watch an idea, begun by five year old twins, blossom into such an intellectually enriching project. Now, the kid’s concept (and Noodles and Sam’s following around the world) has grown, inspiring others to explorer the world with them along the way.

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